I Haven’t Written in Awhile

I haven’t written in awhile so I’m a little rusty. I don’t even know whether to separate awhile into two words. Whenever I stop writing for a long period of time and then start writing again I never know what to write about. I always think that every topic I come up with is too boring. For instance, I was going to write about how being realistically optimistic is better for your health than being pessimistic or as some pessimists call it, being ‘realistic’. But then I thought, ‘Naw, I could only get a couple of paragraphs out of that before I ran out of things to say and then I would have to segway into a new topic and somehow make it all connect and be interesting and witty and original,’ and I definitely don’t have enough confidence in my writing abilities right now to do that, so here I am, writing about how I’m scared to write about anything. Awesome. You know why writing is so freeing? You can get your thoughts exactly right, you can express exactly how you’re feeling. There are an endless combination of nouns and verbs and adjectives to convey your feelings, and you never have to stop or shut up because it doesn’t have to involve other people, it’s just you and your words. You don’t have to sit there and think and think about what you want to say because it just kind of comes out. I guess to an extent writing is a gut reaction to life. It’s a release valve. So yeah. Sometimes I think that I have deep thoughts but more times than not it’s just me rambling and writing vague pithy statements and reading too much into my own words. So before I get to that point I’m going to stop myself. My upcoming post’s will be about something, I promise. Peace out girlscout.


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