Yada Yada

My nose is a wimp. I washed my clothes with these unstoppable scent freshener things and it freaked out and is throwing a fit and I can’t stop sneezing and I’m just kind of all around miserable so that’s cool. I took an allergy pill but I can’t take more than one in 24 hours and it doesn’t seem to be working. I need to take an allergy medication with a bigger dosage so that I can at least get the placebo affect going. So, anyways dear reader(s), I suggest you do something today that helps you grow. Pick any area of your life and do something to further your skill or knowledge or whatever. Stop reading a book on origami and go make a crane, or make one of those freaking delicious foods that you see on Food Network. And then give me some. Please. Por favor. S’il vous plaît. As for me I’m going to try and further my knowledge of telekinesis and make some more Kleenex float my way. Live long and prosper.


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