Hey Guys I’m Gonna Lay Down Some Words

So I got some Benedryl. I’m about as relaxed as a sloth. A really relaxed sloth. So today was a great day. This morning I contemplated not getting out of bed because I felt like poop. But then I thought that I might be missing out on a really great day, and so I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed and did all that annoying stuff you have to do to join society. I picked up some Benedryl before church and bazinga, I felt better. So, confession, I can be a bit of a recluse. There are those days where I would rather just chill with myself and a bag of cheetohs. And I do. But when I take a chance and step outside of my comfort zone crazy things happen. Like free Starbucks and beach days and learning how to make flan and then melting the spoon while trying to caramelize the sugar and having really great conversations about love and foam parties and awkward tan lines. I know that I don’t do this 100% yet, but lately I’ve honestly been trying to live every day to it’s fullest. And I know that’s hard and takes effort and stuff but I dunno, whenever I do it’s so worth it. Writing this blog is one of the ways I’m trying to do that. So yeah. Live guys. And please please please please please please for goodness sakes love people. Not for what they can do or how many awesome large trophies they have or what they can do for you, but love them just because they’re people who need to be loved just like you. Good talk. On another note, a goose hissed at me today. I thought it was about to throw down. Do you ever just wish really badly that you were a beach bum and could just chill with the waves and have sand permanently between your toes? I…. Like….. 45.67% wish that.  My goal for tomorrow? Finish putting music to a song. Can I just steal the tune to some public domain song like Amazing Grace? Wow. Before I have any more awesome ideas like that, I should go to bed. Adios. 


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