Deep Fried Food, Ya feel?

Hello everybody. Hows it going? You ever have one of those days where you woke up with a headache and it just doesn’t go away until you eat some form of fried food? Yeah that’s the kind of day I had. I had some darn good onion rings. And icecream. Then I went to the dollar store. Did you know a five pack of ramen is a dollar? It’s not fair. I know someday crappy nutritionless food will be the death of me, yet I buy three Cup ‘O Noodles, a bunch of those cracker-and-fake-cheese things, and a box of off brand questionable oatmeal. Somebody stop me. Stage an intervention. Throw the Cup ‘O Noodles in a lake. Something.

So I was thinking about the quote where it’s talking about how you should be nicer than you have to be because everyone is fighting some sort of battle. I’m a passive aggressive person. If I’m going to fight it’s going to be with words. And it’s going to be subtle. Like an “Ok” instead of saying “Okey.” And I know it’s petty and dumb and might make people feel bad, so one of the many things I’ve been working on lately is not doing that. What have I got to lose by being nice? Nothing but a little petty anger.

I used to think that it was stupid when people would say, “Life is short.” It’s not short, I would think, we have so much time. But now that I’m older I see what they meant. Silly young Sarah… It is short, so be overly nice. Well, that’s my spiel. Was it spiel-y enough?

On another note, I separated my post into paragraphs this time. Classy, right? My stomach keeps making noises like a dieing sloth. What’s up with me and sloths? I hope you all had…. Like…. Fried cheesecake good days today. And lovely nights.


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