I Could Use A Slushie

Okay, I’m watching one of those cheesy early 2000’s one-misunderstanding-make-or-breaks-a-relationship romance movies starring none other than Lindsey Lohan and Chris Pine. It’s also one of those movies where they try and put glasses on an attractive person to initially make them seem less attractive. Tsk tsk tsk. He just offered to give her hot chocolate with little tiny marshmallows. I’ve never been a fan of the microscopic marshmallows. Oh wow. He’s taking his shirt off to “wash it.” Ha.

So today was a beautiful day. It felt like fall. It also felt like the best thing ever. It made me really want to read a book under a tree. That reminds me, I need to start reading again. I used to read like a crazed librarian. Now it seems harder to find time. Suggestions about what to read would be awesome. I’ve been really bad at finishing books lately because I’ve read so many amazing life changing books that I’m unsatisfied if the book doesn’t give me a whole new outlook on everything within two pages. It’s the same with movies. I’ve been ruined by too much greatness. It’s awful.

Update: Lindsey Lohan is rushing in a taxi to kiss Chris Pine to give him supernatural good luck. Sigh.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyhfguh

Sorry. That random jumble of letters was me swatting at a mosquito. I hope you enjoyed this blog post even though it wasn’t really about anything in particular. Have good sleeps guys.


3 thoughts on “I Could Use A Slushie

  1. The first paragraph of this had me cracking up.
    I’m trying to remember what movie that is (and if I’ve ever seen it, which I don’t think I have), but I’m drawing a blank. I think I remember seeing previews or something for it a while back.
    How did it end up being? Typical?
    Hopefully you enjoyed it regardless (of the mini marshmallows). XD

    Good luck on getting back into reading. I might be able to make some suggestions if I knew which genres you were into! But if you’re looking for life changing within two pages . . . I’m drawing a blank on that as well. Sorry!


    • Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 It’s called Just My Luck, and yes, quite typical 😛 hmmmm I enjoy pretty much all genres. I really enjoy classics and fiction in general. Unfortunately I’ve been drawing a blank too 😦 any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂


      • THAT’S THE NAME!
        Don’t you love it when people tell you something you can’t remember and you’re like, ‘Of course! It was RIGHT THERE!’

        Unfortunately, I’m not well-versed in the classics. It’s so shameful, I know! I didn’t have the stomach for the ones I’ve tried, but I’m sure it’s like some other things (that I can’t think of an example for). You just need to find the right one. I haven’t found it yet, but I haven’t looked very hard, if I’m being honest.
        I mostly read in the YA genre, but I’ve been wanting to expand on that. (Because my writing tastes ventured out of that.) And I’m REALLY behind on reading. (Another ‘unfortunately’ there…)
        So I don’t know if you’d be interested in the suggestions I had . . .


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