Hello all. So I had a bad day. It happens, right? There wasn’t really any reason for it to be a bad day. It just was. I was really frustrated with everything. So while I was taking a shower, I started to pray. And boom I had an epiphany. Showers are the best for those. 

Part of the problem today was that I was feeling really lonely and unwanted. We all feel like that sometimes. It comes and goes. But when it comes it stinks. I was just thinking about God and I realized that there was this dude named Jesus who died for me. He loved me so much, that he died for me. He doesn’t love me because I can write or play the ukulele or stuff fifteen Pringles into my mouth at the same time (which I can, just pointing that out), he loves me just because I’m me. Because I’m Sarah. I didn’t have to earn it. I just have to love him. And how can you not love someone back who loves you that much? 

Of course I knew all of this before, but it just really hit me tonight. It was like a bus or a train or maybe a large fast moped. I’m not trying to be preachy. I just want you all to know that he loves you that much too. Whether you wanna believe it or not that’s up to you. But he does. And I just think that’s really cool. 

On a different note I just put my hoodie on backwards so I’m pretty sure that means it’s time to go to bed. I’m too tired to take it off so it’s staying on backwards. Hear my rebel yell. 

I hope you all had awesome days. Honestly. Bad days are the worst. I’m assuming people read my blog, I know that’s a big assumption, but to the people who do: I may not know all of you, but I love you. Because you’re people who deserved to be loved. And you deserve compassion and understanding and grace and peace and a really well made warm grilled cheese with some kick butt tomato soup. 



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