Right now the world just seems like a jumble of things. I can’t sleep. I tried going to bed at midnight and just ended up waking up an hour and a half later. Ugh. The other day I went through and read all my blogs. I didn’t like them. I wasn’t satisfied. I thought I either sounded too preachy or too vague or too scatterbrained. Maybe it’s just because when you’re writing stuff that everyone is able to read you strive to put the best version of yourself out there. You want people to see you as witty and smart and wise. That’s what social media is all about. Putting on your best face for the world to see. But I know what I’m like and where I struggle. I know that I’m not always loving or patient or in a good mood. And that’s most likely why it bothers me when I go back and re-read a blog where I was trying to give advice. I don’t always follow my advice. I sometimes try too hard to write something that I think will speak to people. Trying too hard when you’re trying to be creative is never good. So I guess I’ll just try and write and not think about it too much.

Ow my head. It’s had a nice consistent ache all day. I’m also extremely thirsty. Pretty darn parched. You ever have it where no matter how you lay it’s uncomfortable? And you made the dumb decision to eat popcorn so there’s definitely still some kernels stuck in your teeth? I definitely almost spelled kernel like ‘colonel.’ And I definitely use the word definitely too much. What I wouldn’t give for a slushy right now. I would give everything. My seven one dollar bills, my bag of change, my Boardwalk Sub coupons, my insomnia, the popcorn in my teeth. It’s all yours if you get me a slushy. Generous I know. 

Well I’m gonna venture downstairs and get some water before I die. Have some nice slumbers guys.


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