Saltwater Tears

Salt water tears
Drip onto your tongue
Each one a worry,
A care,
A doubt.
Don’t you worry
Heavens got a plan for you
Drink it in.
Feel deep.
Let them rejuvenate you,
Soak into your crevices,
Help you realize that you’re still alive

I wrote that poem once upon a time when I was rather bummed. Being bummed is good for emotional inspiration. Bad for everything else. My best poems were written when I was scribbling them through tears. Ya know?

Soooo I’ve been slacking on my blogs. I always think that what I’m doing at the moment is more important than blogging. Lately that’s been true. But right now I can’t sleep, I’m tired of binge watching Netflix, and I’ve got some feelings to write about. So this is the perfect time to blog.

College is starting soon. Too soon. I feel like I’ve done almost nothing with my summer. Well I did get the sunburn of a lifetime on the Fourth. Thanks Grand Haven. But you know what? That was such a good day. My sunburn was so bad that when we got home at midnight and I was rubbing cocoa butter on my poor skin, the cocoa butter melted as soon as it made contact. Wear sunscreen kids. Also stay in school. Also drugs. No.

I don’t worry about things enough. The small things, sure. I’m an expert at sweating the small stuff. I’m probably the best at that. I figure a bunch of small stuff adds up to big stuff right? Naw guys naw, don’t sweat it, it always works out. Except in the insect world where everything is small and so small things happening might be über bad. Like someone stepping on your ant hill you worked so hard to build. Wait, think about that for a second. Every ant in the world somehow knows what it has to build and what it’s supposed to look like. All ant hills look the same. Every ant builds it the same way.

Nature is da bomb. Yo. I’m tired. I start talking in slang when I’m tired. And when I’m not but it’s worse when I’m tired. So I’m gonna try and close my eyes again and go to sleep or something. Or eat. Or do some deep breathing. I dunno. Something. Goodnight sleeping people and fellow insomniacs.


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