The Beautiful Letdown

So I got some bad news tonight. I was really bummed. Really. When I get really awful news I tend to just sit for a long time and stew in my juices. Sad juices. Then I try and distract myself and move on. Like right now I’m trying to distract myself with blogging, coffee, and taking inept stabs at humor. So I’m going to continue to do that.

So I was reading this book called Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I’m in the second chapter. He’s talking about the flaw of humanity, how there’s something wrong with every one of us, and the evidence is all around. He says, “I didn’t like being reminded about how self-absorbed I was. I wanted to be over this, done with this. I didn’t want to live in a broken world or a broken me. I wasn’t trying to weasel out of anything, I just wasn’t in the mood to be on earth that night.” I feel like this 75% of the time. I don’t like being selfish, I don’t like thinking about how messed up the world is, I don’t even like thinking about my problems tonight. Being on earth tonight hurts. My problems aren’t that big in the grand scheme of things, and that’s where my self absorption comes in.

People are dying in the middle east, every day. I can’t wrap my mind around that. It seems like all that stuff is happening in another world. People are better at adapting than we think we are. We never know what we can take until we’re in an extreme situation. Everything that’s happening in the world is crazy. But you know what I think is crazier? People still live their lives. They eat, breath, sleep, somehow laugh. And to me, that’s encouraging. Admist all the pain, there’s still laughter and love and stuff.

Sorry, I get all sentimental and inspirational when I’m in need of inspiration. And I probably lost the main point that I was trying to make in all my spieling, but I guess the main point is life goes on and people live on and we are still able to love and hope. There’s always hope. Right? Right.

Alright. I’m done with the sappy soapbox stuff. Do you guys love rain? I love rain. And thunder. And lightning. And onion rings. Gosh I want some. And some dip. Any dip. And some fruit salad. I eat when I’m stressed, can you tell? Zanzibar. That’s a fun word to say. Zanzibar. Did you know that there’s a bunch of giant animals there? And that the monkeys team up to steal coal to aid digestion? Animals are cool. I want a coal stealing monkey. We could be friends. He could steal me other things. Like onion rings.

So I think I’m gonna interact with people now, and I’m all blogged out, so yeah. Thanks guys. This made me feel better. Love you lots long time.


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