Magic Carpet Ride

Sand blows,
Blasting the earths rough surfaces
And making them smooth
It sneaks into our cracks and crevice’s
Trying to make a home
Lonely grains find lonely people
Seeking serenity and peace in the gently rolling waves

So I wrote that awhile ago. Not sure if it’s any good or whatevs. But I just miss the beach and sand and stuff so I thought I would share it. Anyone else feel me? Huh? Huh?

I have to get up to train for my job in the morning. Ug. But I also wanna stay up late and watch nostalgic Disney movies. Decisions decisions. There’s this book by Mindy Kaling called “Is everyone hanging out without me?” I used to feel like that. All the time. All of it. Why are we such insecure creatures? It should stop. People are always like “Be yourself.” But then we’re judged for that. Like if I just walked around eating Nutella out of a jar. I would probably be judged. I mean, I’ve definitely done that. And it was worth it. So you should do it too. I feel less insecure when I’m wearing sweatpants. Sweatpants are insecurity armor. People should wear them more.

I’m watching Aladdin, and he’s being insecure with the princess right now. Wear sweatpants buddy. It does wonders. Nonono. He just lied to her again. Nonono. You idiot. Staahp.

Paying for college is dumb. And expensive. And dumb. That’s one thing that I procrastinated on and really shouldn’t have. Oh high school me… You silly little sleepy fool you. Honestly I slept through so many classes. I’m still dumbfounded that I graduated. So my plan to pay for college-

We interrupt this important blog post to update you on Aladdin. The evil guy is trying to marry Jasmine cuz he’s a mustached fool. But Aladdin showed him who’s boss. Boom.

Anyways, so my plan to pay for college goes something like this: Robbing banks, begging, and selling my vast supply of cookies and cream chocolate bars on the black market. Because that’s going to work. Why you guys doubting? It’ll definitely worked.

I’ve got to get better at reading other peoples blogs. I’m sorry guys. I promise I’ll do that soon. Because for some reason people read my blog. And I think that’s pretty extraordinary. So thank you sososo much. And I promise I’ll post again soon. But right now imma sleep so that I can form sentences and stuff tomorrow.

Oh, and not to spoil it or anything, but Aladdin gets the girl.


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