Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

The problem with blogging is that I’m always trying to come up with an original thought. I start thinking about blogging topics and I’m not happy with any of them. Nothing I think of is interesting enough. So that’s where all my rambling comes in. I figure there has to be an original thought somewhere in there. Right? Right. So my topic today is going to be…. Darn, I just forgot what I wanted to write about. For real.  Let me think.


Seriously I just had it.


Well I guess I could talk about love until I think of it. Have you ever been in love? I’m writing a paper for College Writing about abstract concepts, and one of those abstract concepts is love. When someone does something really crappy, it’s hard to love them. I mean you could always just decide that it’s too hard to try and love them. Love is a choice, after all.

The past couple of years, some of the people that I love have done things that I never thought they would or could do. It was kind of like reality slapping you in the face. No one is immune to bad choices. Some of the stuff I still have a really hard time dealing with, and it is so easy to just be bitter and stay bitter. Sometimes bitterness even feels good. We want to have negative feelings towards people because we think they deserve them. There’s something about anger that is addictive.

At some point though the anger leaves and all that’s left is sadness and disappointment. You know how people say “I love you, but I don’t like you right now”? That never used to make sense to me, but now it makes perfect sense. I dunno guys, love is really freaking hard. I guess my advice to you would be to choose to love though. I guess forgiveness is attached to love, and for some reason that’s harder. A lot harder. And I’m definitely still working on that and what forgiveness entails, so I’m not going to talk about forgiveness, because I’m fairly certain I have nothing wise to say about it at this moment.

But yeah. Try and love when it’s hard. That’s part of love, right? Being there for the tough times?

Gosh I ask a lot of rhetorical questions.

I apologize.

So the other day, yesterday in fact, me and my freaking amazing boyfriend went to Biggby and indulged in pumpkin spice lattes (Okay, before you start making white girl jokes, it was only my second pumpkin spice latte ever, and I wanted to try Biggby’s to see what all the hub-bub was about. Hub-bub. Do people still say that? No, I don’t think so.) Do you wanna know some things about my boyfriend? I’m sorry if you don’t because I’m going to tell you anyways.

His name is Jeremy, he’s a worship arts major, and he has flowing locks of hair. He never wears shoes, only flip flops because he enjoys frostbite. And dirt. We’ve been dating for ten months. Woah. Our first date was December 9th of 2013. We walked to Applebees around dinner time, and it was ridiculously snowy and cold and there’s no way humans should have been walking to Applebees. But we did. It was half a mile away, which isn’t a long ways. Unless the snow is up to your knees and the windchill is at negative ten. It was a super good first date though.

I dunno. I just love him. He’s laid back and talented and thoughtful and compassionate and has a heart for God and people and handles my awkwardness really well. And he cooks. And reads. I mean…. Guys… He makes pancakes…. Banana chocolate chip…… Really good ones.

So yeah I’m so ridiculously blessed by him. And his cooking abilities.

Also this one time we drove around for an hour looking for a good park to eat at and we found a really nice one with an observatory and trails but the mosquitoes were human size so I got freaked out and wanted to leave and he was super understanding and chill about it and didn’t even care that I was dumb and scared of little dumb bugs that were just trying to feed their blood hungry vampire babies with my human life juices. And he’s understanding like that all the time.

Oh so very thankful.

So that’s my spiel about my boyfriend.

I’m sitting here writing to you guys drinking coffee flavored with pumpkin spice creamer that I made in this little four cup coffee maker given to me by Jeremy. I still have to write two papers, do a journal article summary, and finish a rough draft for my essay.

All in due time.

Don’t you hate it when Netflix asks you if you’re still watching? Whenever that happens I feel like a loser. If Netflix was a person, it would be standing there, arms crossed tapping it’s foot with a judgmental look on it’s face, as if to say really? You’re seriously still watching Grey’s Anatomy? What is that, your fifteenth episode? Don’t you have friends or a life or something? Go outside, gosh.

That’s what Netflix would say.

I seriously need to start my homework, so imma peace out.

As one of my friends always says, safe travels landstrider.


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