I’m sitting outside in my backyard right now on this beautiful sunny day thinking about a few things.

1) How I’m out of shape and should exercise

2) Are the birds in my backyard having conversations about how out of shape I am?

3) Probably not but I bet they are talking about how this pasty white blob is encroaching on their territory

4) Would my life be better without social media

5) How do I stop reading too much into peoples actions

So yeah. All those things.


Update: I did work out and now I’m having some trouble with things like walking but I’ll recover.

Back to my questions. Would my life be better without social media?

I take pictures of everything. Like… everything. To me pictures are memories, and I’m a very sentimental person. But why do I feel the need to share these pictures on social media? I dunno. I know it’s good to be in the moment and not try and capture the perfect picture, but for me that’s part of the moment I guess.

I used to post on Facebook like twenty times a day. Now it’s usually a couple times a week. So I wouldn’t say it affects my life all that much. But what does is when you get stuck scrolling mindlessly through a bunch of stuff for forever and ever and before you know it you’re old and your hair falls somewhere on the grey area of the color spectrum and all you’ve done with your life is taken in a bunch of images of your cousins new baby or your distant friends apple pie and steak that they’re having for dinner. So less scrolling, more doing. That sounds like a plan, right?

Now to my other question. How do I stop reading so much into things? For instance, if I text someone and I’m really enthusiastic and they reply with a non-enthusiastic one word reply, my mind immediately jumps to “oh no they hate me and never want to talk again.” Maybe not that extreme but I do think about it too much. And I shouldn’t because the truth is sometimes people are busy and can’t reply with a bunch of words. Sometimes people just don’t like texting. Sometimes texting is dumb. And all the time texting is the least effective form of communication when it comes to relaying feelings and tone and emotions and so it can lead to misunderstandings and wrong impressions. So I really shouldn’t read too much into it. Right? Right. 

I’m already feeling better about life. Good deal.

This is my second day in a row blogging. I’m trying to get into a pattern. Although honestly I dunno what to blog about half the time. I mean, could I blog about moose? Raccoons? Eels? I watched documentaries on all of those things so believe you me, I could teach you a thing or two.

But I wouldn’t do that to you. I won’t force the information that I learn from the documentaries that I watch on Saturday nights on you. I’ll figure something out.

So until then, have an awesome night guys.


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