I’m laying in bed with what I think is the flu. It’s definitely a fever and I’m definitely miserable and I can’t sleep and there’s no one to talk to and I can’t move and I’m pretty much literally bored out of my mind. When all I can do is lay here and think it’s kinda awful because I overthink everything. I overthink anyways but now I’m overthinking double time. It’s really easy to get stuck in your head.

For instance I’ve been in this room all day with very little human interaction. So if I watch a movie and everyones dysfunctional and stuff, in my head I might start thinking of the world that way and it can pollute how I see things. It can be a real bummer. That’s why human interaction is fantastic.

Also I’m sneezing.

And I’m really hot but really cold at the same time. And I have oodles of snot. And I suddenly lost all motivation to blog. But not to sneeze. I just sneezed twice. I think I’m going to write a song. Maybe I dunno. Peace out homeskillets.


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