Perspective, Darling

I own a book called “14,000 things to be happy about.” When I first got it, I started at the beginning and highlighted the ones that I connected to and made me happy. Here are a few of the first ones I highlighted.

Easeful days, dreamless nights

Social and emotional intelligence

Sniglets, or made-up new words

A potato pancake, hot chocolate, and flannel PJ’s in bed

The love of good things we ate in our childhood

Tender, loving touches

The art in everyday life

The author started writing these down in sixth grade, and continued to do so for forty years until she had written down over 95,000 things that gave her joy in life. What if we all did that? Would we be more aware and thankful of the things we have or certain feelings that we want to hold on to? Possibly.

I just think there’s something beautiful in taking time to notice the little things that fill our lives with warmth.

Like right now my list of happy things would sound something like this:

An open window that lets in a cool breeze

The gentle sound of crickets

Relaxing people and conversations

The feeling of not having a single tense muscle in your body

Nostalgic music

Making a conscious decision to sleep

Writing down things we find happiness in is a good thing, but I also know that happiness is fleeting. It’s slippery and a lot of times we end up slipping and falling on our noggin. But lets take a moment and appreciate that after we fell we got back up. And sometimes we don’t even fall.

Ha. Noggin. Reminds me of toboggan which reminds me of sledding which reminds me of snow which gives me a feeling of peace. Falling snow is one of the most peaceful things in the world to me. Right now I feel very relaxed. More relaxed than I have in a long time.

Most times I feel that if I wrote a book about my life, the title would be, “I thought I could handle it but I couldn’t and now I’m just a mess plus I was trying to eat some yogurt and I opened up the lid and the yogurt squirted on my shirt and now I just have to go the rest of the day pretending there’s not a strawberry scented stain right in the middle of my chest because I don’t have another shirt here,” with a major focus on the first handful of words, “I thought I could handle it but I couldn’t.”

At this moment in time though I feel this large feeling of peace about everything. Plus, I’ve found lately, however, if you face things head on, you’ll find you’re much more capable than you thought. I’m not a head on type person. Usually ever. But I’m trying to take steps to change that. I’m realizing the way you choose to look at things has a large impact on your life. I’m striving towards choosing to see the world around me as changeable, not set in stone.

Right now though I don’t want to think about any of that. I just want to lay here, listen to my “Sleeeep” playlist, and drift off into a dreamless sleep.

Perfectly ripe avocados

Knowing how to spell avocado

Dormant volcanoes

Open doors

Being young and bold





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