My Foot Won’t Stop Itching

I should be sleeping. Let me make that perfectly clear. I’m going to hate myself in five hours when I have to get up to go to work, but I’m restless so I might as well do something with my restless energy.

I haven’t blogged in three months. Three whole months. Let’s see, what did I do with those three months…

Well, I went from being slightly less white back to being white again since my tan has officially faded. I got a job at Meijer where I bail alot of cardboard and accidentally cut myself with my boxcutter alot. I drank alot of coffee, like oodles of coffee.

I mean, yeah, that’s basically it. Exciting, eh?

Since I have you here, I do have a request. Could we all be a little nicer to people? Not for any particular reason, just because you never know what someone is going through. So I’m going to try to do that, and you’re welcome to do it with me.

While I was at work this week, there was a moment where I stopped and thought, “There are bigger things happening in this world right now than me stocking yogurt.” There’s a refugee crisis, people are being mindlessly gunned down, and Isis is inflicting terror on the middle east. I get so ridiculously focused on my life that sometimes I get tunnel vision. I’m one small cog in the Big Ben that is the human race. Sometimes it’s good to put things into perspective.

Speaking of perspective, from my stomachs perspective it must look like I work only to feed it. I mean, I really have a problem. I’m a slave to my cravings and I know I should check myself before I wreck myself but I check out my food every day at the check out so isn’t that close enough?

I should really sleep. Like reaaalllyyy. My brain is functioning at 2/7ths of it’s potential capacity right now. So. Until next time.

Au revoir. Je m’en vais mes petits choux.

Disclaimer: That was supposed to say I’m outta hear my little cabbages but it might not because I’m only like 20% French

Disclaimer to the disclaimer: That logic might be flawed


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