All we are is plops in the wind

I never do prompts.

I usually just ramble about how I’m so confused with life and confused with myself and don’t have anything to write about and then I add something about coffee.

Evidently I’ve had way to much coffee in the past 24 hours.



But I’ve decided to give prompts a try. And the day I decide to give prompts a try, what happens to be the thought provoking, epiphany inducing prompt?


So I figure I’ll just ‘plop’ some words onto a page and see what happens. I’m going to write down the first ten words that ‘plop’ into my head (I’m getting pretty good at this plop thing).

Bear amphibious extracurricular buzz llama fret paint manic lucid fastidious

Hmm. An amphibious bear is extracurricularly  buzzing by the llama who is fretting about painting because the painter he hired seems largely manic with rare lucid moments and is currently fastidiously plucking all the bristles out of his broom.

Or something like that.

Now hows about I just plop some thoughts down. Sounds good.

I just deleted 1389 pictures from my phone, a majority of them being repeat selfies, pictures of my food, and pictures I accidentally took while walking. I should open a photo gallery. Is this a picture of my double chin that I accidentally took while going to work, or does it represent the hustle and bustle of daily life, a rare candid moment in a staged existence? You decide.

But it’s just an accidental photo of a double chin.

Before I started writing I was reading an interview that a blogger did with photographer Robin Cracknell. He takes pictures using old and damaged film. Film that has been scratched and burnt and subjected to heat and the elements. And I think that’s really quite a beautiful idea. Being aware of the value in the broken and old, and then combining it with the new to create an entirely different product.

Let that inspire to you to always try and find the pricelessness in the ripped and tattered bits of life. 



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